etiam-logoThe clinicians from Bourges Hospital (France) have fast and completely secure access to full diagnostic quality patient images not only from within hospital walls, but also from outside using EasyViz Enterprise DICOM viewer.  The viewer was installed in 2009 as a part of secure medical imaging solution delivered by Etiam.

At Bourges Hospital, EasyViz Enterprise Viewer is connected to SMN Router and the hospital’s own, DCM40 based archive and PACS. EasyViz Enterprise viewer enables clinicians to access the medical images from virtually any device, at the bedside or at home while being on-call in a matter of seconds.

It is Medical Insight, the company developing and distributing EasyViz, which takes care of integration and operation system support to ensure that the system is running without any problems and without additional work for hospital’s own IT support department.

In September 2012, Bourges Hospital was upgraded to EasyViz 4. The scheduled system upgrade included changing server side client to Red Hat 6 and enabling several new features available to clinicians. “We recommended the upgrade to our client to be able to ensure the high reliability of our system and support,” explains Henrik Olesen, Manager of Support in Medical Insight. “We are very satisfied with the support we receive from Medical Insight, especially with their fast reactivity and good follow up, so we accepted their recommendation to upgrade to latest release of EasyViz,” explains Antoine Samson, Director of Operations in Etiam and a person responsible for Bourges Hospital installation. “The upgrade was performed remotely and without any complications,” adds Antoine Samson.

Etiam is a partner of Medical Insight for the French market. They focus on providing healthcare facilities with secure medical imaging solutions.

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